Sunday, August 16, 2009


Friday James had his 6 month eye check. It started off as usual wait 30 minutes after your scheduled time, finally get called back wait another 15 or so minutes to actually see the Doctor. But this time it was worth the wait. The doctor does his usual eye exam with a few hmms. He then dilates James' eyes wait another 20 minutes, then the true eye exam, more hmmms and then after further testing and a second opinion from another Doctor his partner, the verdict, DRUM ROLL PLEASE! We no longer need glasses, yes you read it right his exam showed his eyes to be fine. How, not sure even the doctor was puzzled.

We go back again in 6 months or sooner if I think he is having trouble, such as squinting or any changes out of the norm. But to tell you the truth he has not been wearing them much these days to begin with. We put them on and he either takes them off shortly after 90% of the time or he looks over them. Which I mentioned to the doctor at the beginning of the exam. So for now one less battle. Now if we can conquer this eating stuff we are home free. We are so proud of him.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Away Far to Long

Hello Ocean, Here I Come!

Hello I can not believe how long it has been. So much has been going on and happening. We did however take time to take James to Disney Land for his 4th birthday yes 4 years old!! I can not believe it. He is doing awesome too, and hopefully with his past surgery he will start eating better also. He recently had his tonsils and adenoids out so we are hoping it wont be as hard for him to eat/swallow like he states it is for him. Time will tell, cross your fingers.

He starts preschool again 8/18 and I start 8/25 Algebra here I come. 2 more classes to go and I can apply to the nursing program I am so excited. Well I am going to try and post some of our recent pics from Disney and the beach. Take care and will try and be better about posting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So many things, So little time

So it has been an extremely long time since my last post, hope I still have readers. Lot's to report, but it is late so here is a quick update, and I will try and write more, and more often.

James right now is sick, again. I say again because he was ill at the end of November, he has acute bronchitis, sinus infection and throat as well as ear infection, how about that and a bad cough. Poor buddy,He has been put on antibiotic and prednisone. I think he is improving already, still a cough though. Last night he was up all (we were up all night) with his cough. Poor baby. It really sucks because he was doing so well with eating orally and his tube feedings and was slowly creeping the scale to 29 pounds is sicknesses always set him back about a pound. Oh well, it will come back.

Preschool for James is going great he loves it and has many friends, he even has a boy named Jack that calls the house to talk to him and there 3, to cute. He has a fantastic time and comes home singing the songs they have learned and will tell me a little about his day, especially if another child had a problem he gets very concerned for them, he is so sweet, and caring. Hope it remains, why do they have to grow up? I still can not believe how fast time goes especially when you look back at pictures when he was in the NICU.

I am still in school and had a nice break but restart 1/17 with a pretty full schedule, wish me luck.

Jamie has started a new business since he was laid off from his job with the phone company in November, and so far so good, any one need a landscaper and more.... Wish me luck with that too.

Christmas was great and James got what he wanted from Santa, a quad motorcycle, battery operated of course or should I say this year anyway I know my husband wants to get him the real thing, but not while I am alive, ha ha.

OK that is about all for now, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SO where have you been???

Well let's see, we will go back in time to 7/10/2008. My husband had knee surgery which went from minor to major. He had a piece of bone which died due to lack of blood supply, then broke off and was getting caught in his joints,OUCH!, which would cause his knee to lock. So the doctor found the missing piece and removed it pretty simple, until he found the HOLE where the bone piece broke from, causing him to have to do a bone graph and drill holes around the area to hopefully bring back the blood supply and heal the new bone and knee area. Today he is still home and off of work, but recovering well and is now able to bare weight on his leg 75% of the time. He is now back to driving and can take himself to his therapies, between driving James to school, his therapies and my husbands all I was doing was going in circles. But that's how we ROLL!!

We also had to put our 6 year old chocolate lab down on 7/12 due to cancer. The saddest thing ever... James is such a trooper though. He was with us when we put Rocko to sleep, he knew he was sick because of the throwing up and all the trips back and forth to te doctor. He for a while thought Rocko would be coming home, and occasionally would say go get Rocko now, I explained to him that Rocko is up in the sky now and is not sick anymore but has to stay there with the other doggies. I told him he is up above our house, he then went out side looked up in the sky waived and said Hi Rocko! I started crying.... But we are going to get a new puppy for him at Christmas time.

James started Pre-school 8/11 and so far so good. Monday I stayed with him for parent orientation so no problem, Tuesday he cried, Wednesday looked a little nervous and by Thursday he waived, said by MaMa and was wisked away byArianna, a sweet, beautiful little 3 year old who I think is turning 30. She and him are inseparable already. So cute.

I to will be going back to school, for nursing(RN) I start my pre-reqs next week and should be practicing as an RN by the time I get my first social security check, said very well by another friend who is has started the very same program. I am thrilled and anxious as well as nervous to get started. But never to late and no better time than now.

Well I hope I still have readers because things are going to get interesting. I hope to be better about posting but if I am gone for a while you will no why, now. Take care. Tracy

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time Goes So Fast.....

I cant believe it is 6/11 already. James will be turning three in less than a month. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO.

So we have free time on hand now no more PT or OT Yes we have GRADUATED!!! But I still can't seem to get things done, of course free time means play time which don't get me wrong I am not complaining. I bought the summer movie fun tickets, where you get 10 movies for $7 I only had to pay for myself because James is under three.(not for long) So we have done 2 movies so far, the first one being TMNT(James did not like it nor did I) But this is how our first trip to the theater played out.

We first walked into the lobby and he went crazy WOW!!! running all over he did not know what to do or to go or to say(they also have an arcade there as well.
So we go to enter the theater and James would not even step foot in, he said (no, my scared) what are you afraid of (dark in there) oh well it's OK theres a little bit of light and it has to be dark to see the movie) we proceed in.
We get to our seats and I sit him in the chair and he almost was thrown backwards, he was not big nor heavy enough to hold the seat down (James What Happened Ma Ma) Duh! booster seat I did not know they had booster seats until a dad sitting by us told me where to get them.
We all had a good laugh though(poor little guy)
So 10 minutes into the movie, James says,(Ready go bye bye now) we lasted another 5 minutes I think. The movie started at 9:45 and we were heading home about 10:15am.
But the next week was Surf's Up and our neighbor with 2 little girls joined us and we stayed the whole movie. Of course there were a few ready to go bye bye now's and up, down from his seat 30 times, but all in all not to bad. Cute movie to I really enjoyed it. We have 7 more to go with a couple we won't be going to just because of the movie (such as Nancy Drew I don't think he would be in to it.

James is rocking my world, he is talking all the time, all the time from the moment he wakes and sometimes in his sleep. He has started the WHY'S why, why, why, and where and whats and you name it's and all though I am thrilled by all means I find myself at times wanting to say James be quiet for 2 seconds, I never do though but my breaking point is near. I took a child development class in high school and the only information I retained was when it comes to toddlers such as James's age and they start saying why after EVERYTHING you say it is because they want to have a conversation with you and since they can't, by saying why and you keep responding to them there having a conversation with you in there minds. Make sense, but with this being said and known, I feel compelled to answer him every time and I get tired, funny too sometimes I can't figure out an answer to tell him, Huh.

He is just so awesome and smart, he does not forget a thing, and even pays attention when driving in the car some of the car dealerships up the road have these big blow up things, like a MUSCLE GUY, BIG EAGLE a BLUE MONKEY and a GREEN DINOSAUR and every time we head in that direction James says, BIG EAGLE BE THERE MA MA and so on. Also if I go home a different way he tells me it's the wrong way and to turn around. It cracks me up.

He also says Bless you when you sneeze, thank you all the time at it's appropriate time, excuse me. He is so polite. All though the other day we were at Target and there was a lady with her cart blocking the isle and James said WATCH OUT LADY, I corrected him and he said Sorry to her and EXCUSE ME LADY. She was laughing hysterically.

SO many more it is just AMAZING indeed. I need to get better about pictures and videos it goes so quick. I think I will start taping him to someone suggested that to me and I think it would be cute later on.

Any way all for now, except to let you all know James is having a tube put in his left ear to drain the fluid on Friday we just need it in one ear which is odd. No big deal though minor surgery compared to all the others. Also our GI is putting James on a drug call Amytriptolene(unsure of spelling) to help with pain (because we all feel he has significant pain when eating, so cross your fingers this helps us get him to feeling better, so he will eat more by mouth as well a tolerated larger feeds through his tube. We need to bulk this kid up over the summer before he starts school. But today he weighed 24.55lbs, and on 6/7 he was 24.25lbs, so about .25 oz in 5 days. Only a preemie mom knows the ounces..... Take Care, Tracy

P.S. I have to have a tooth extracted on Friday as well, I was eating a Now and Later candy and not only did I pull my crown out part of my tooth came with it, yuck, only could happen to me. Luckily it is in the very back so not noticeable, but I think I will check into an implant later I don't want to be toothless.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


As I posted a before, James was having trouble passing his hearing test in his left ear for his pre-school screening. Well, on Tuesday we followed up with the Audiologist, and even though he did not pass again, they had stated that it was mainly due to fluid and congestion(no infection) and recommended I take James to our pediatrician. So not one to procrastinate when it comes to James, I called our peds office and they got us in that day (Tuesday) and the Doctor said he needs ear tubes. That is all, which is really no big deal and the best of it is that James does not have major hearing loss. We still have to see the ENT on 5/21 but our pediatrician said that once the tubes are place and can open and drain the fluid he should be able to hear fine. YEAH!!!!

Now the GREAT NEWS, James has learned to ride his bike with training wheels. He got the bike this past x-mas from Grandma and Papa, back then he so wanted to ride it but just could not grasp the peddle function. So he actually would sit on it and turn the handle bars back and forth which would cause the bike to roll forward. So he probably thought that was how it worked and the peddles were to rest your feet. (so cute)! So with great practice, determination and patients from my husband, last week James mastered the peddles, and boy can he go.

My husband said when he first started he could slowly walk beside him, the next day a fast walk, then a jog and now you have to run to stay with him. He still is a bit unstable and likes to look behind him and at the back wheels, so he sometimes runs into things but for the most part he can steer, brake and peddle like the wind. We now have to get him a helmet, hmmm wonder how that will be.

The down side is that we live in ARIZONA and are approaching our triple digit weather. What to do.... So I was thinking our mall opens up early before the stores do so walkers and joggers can exercise in the cool indoors, I think I will try bringing James and his bike and see if they let us ride inside, I will try it all they can say is it is not aloud and I will figure something else out. What do you think?

I wish I could show you a picture of him riding but our camera broke. I do have it on video but have no clue how to loud that onto my blog any suggestions.

I am the proudest mother of a little boy with such, strength and determination who has no clue yet what a miracle he is.


Sunday, May 11, 2008


My 3 rd Mothers day, and I am the luckiest mommy. This morning we had breakfast at the park and after fed the ducks, played on the play ground a while, it was a nice morning. Yesterday James handed me my mothers day gift right when I walked in the door from work and said loud and clear, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOMMY LUV U..... That in itself was the best gift ever, but I also received a beautiful braclet that has the word mom on it, and 2 lovely cards especially from my husband, who I jokingly returned with did you read this card before you bought it, HA Ha, it was beautifully said. Then I got a migraine from out of no where and could not focus, nor hold my head up it was just throbbing in the back of my neck and head, so off to lay down after popping a few ibuprofen, I unfortunately missed going over to my Mother-in-laws because of this, but got a quiet 2 1/2 hour nap and woke up with just a slight twinge of a headache but functionable. Now James is napping and I am catching up on my blog and the blogging world.

Yesterday I had an amazing surprise, I receive this preemies today news letter in which I wrote a little blurb after them asking me, about our decision to have James's feeding tube placed, not knowing it was in this issue after reading the first few pages I turned to the next one and WOW! there was my baby and the article I wrote, it was exciting.

Any how I think I am going to rest a bit more and hopefully get rid of this headache all together, I think I may give the gift of massage to myself for Mothers Day!!!!

Happy Mothers Day To ALL.